Money App For Musicians That’s Changing The Music Industry

Money App For Musicians That’s Changing The Music Industry
June 17, 2019 admin
Money App For Musicians

Struggling musicians, looking for an alternative of Tip Jars? Wish to make more money for gigs? Need more revenue streams for better earning as an artist?  

It’s actually easier than ever before! Just a little bit of brainstorming will lead to the solution.

In today’s era of digitisation, most people have already gone cashless and using mobile wallets for practically every transaction. Mobile applications facilitating money transactions are replacing the cash exchanges very quickly. It is just inevitable that mobile technology will become a huge part of small scale transactions based around music & gig economy as well. Although there have been some technical limitations in developing such solutions. We all know that musicians & DJs go through a lot of difficulties in their line of business. Touring, merchandising and music publishing have   been the ways to generate income for musicians. However now, a new mobile application namely the JamJar app recently introduced & implemented the idea of Digital Tip Jar as an additional revenue stream & answered the question – How to tip musicians? In simple words, the JamJar app is the perfect money app for Musicians.

The JamJar app is calling out all the DJs, Musicians, Bands, etc to register themselves with an easy to use money making an app for musicians. This application lets the artist get discovered and featured by broadcasting the talent & the help of fans. There is no upper limit on how much cash can be made by an artist on the JamJar app. Any admirer, fan or patron can drop a few bucks in the artists JamJar account before during or after an event. Also, the artists can be followed, their upcoming gigs can be discovered on the JamJar application by the fans. Through digitisation, the app is giving new capabilities for artists to monetise their talent, creations & advance music careers. The pertinent question of how to tip musicians is not a problem anymore thanks to the JamJar app.

It’s not just about the musicians & DJs. The Good News is that fans also have a great platform to support their favourite artists and tip them directly. Nearly 1 trillion songs were streamed on demand in 2017. Although, the inherent query is how much artists actually earned? However, there are artists still struggling to meet their financial requirements. especially during the initial phase despite being loaded with talent. Hence, a money app for musicians who are still earning only through the gig can now download the app and start making a lot more moolah.

Launching an artist though albums in a major market can cost close to a whopping $2 million. Whereas JamJar does that for free. People tend to follow their favourite artists on various social media sites. JamJar helps the artists in getting noticed saving a lot of bucks. Whenever music lovers find someone performing at a bar, club or small events artists can simply introduce them to the JamJar app & guide about how to tip musicians and voila! the artist can now accept the tip directly in their bank account.

There are no middlemen between the artist and the audience. If your music is popular & receives a large number of tips you get on top of the leaderboard and your chances of getting new gigs & label contracts increase tremendously.

Imagine waking up every day and getting a notification of Tips earned. Sounds like a perfect morning. Many music fans want to be able to tangibly support the musicians they love. Artists can have their own profile to share with their fans, who in return, can reward them directly via money transfers on the JamJar app.

JamJar users can discover gigs & performances scheduled in the nearby area for discovering new talent. Fresh talents can do wonders and create some unforgettable beats and music if they can just receive some recognition & financial support in the initial stages. You never know a tip might be able to put gas in an artists car or just pay for the breakfast. Still wondering – how to tip musicians? Just download JamJar ‘the money app for musicians’ and start streaming tunes of your favourite artist. Check out their next event and plan your weekends accordingly. Solving many problems with just one app, Right? Download and experience it yourself.


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