The JamJar app Includes multiple features to create perfect connectivity between artists & the fans.

JamJar Talent Promotion

Artists can create a following on JamJar app like other Social Media Platforms. Large following for artists results in more gigs & tips.

JamJar Create & Earn

Artists upload creations on JamJar to display talent & receive tips, feedback & contributions to continue producing music.

JamJar Requests

A user can request a song during a live performance by offering a tip. The DJ or Artist can play the requested song to receive the promised tip.

JamJar App

JamJar Meet & Greet

Artists can set up meet & greet after the performances for the interested fans directly on the app, opening another channel for being rewarded.

JamJar Discovery

JamJar users can discover gigs & performances scheduled in the nearby area for discovering new talent.

JamJar Ladder

The top earners on JamJar will be showcased on the app as constant motivation for other artists & DJ’s to create more music.