Empowering Singers to Earn Money While Getting the Dj to play – Jamjar App

Empowering Singers to Earn Money While Getting the Dj to play – Jamjar App
August 8, 2019 JamJar App
Getting the Dj to play

Are you planning to host the most happening party of your life to boost your Social Stature? Hiring a professional DJ, might just be the trick you need. We are spilling the beans about how valuable & easy it is to get a professional DJ or a singer at your next soiree. Just like DJ Idris, every famous DJ or singer performs at parties or weddings on request. Not everyone has that budget to host a star studded party but one can always have a party with professionals performing that too at a reasonable price. A professional Dj or Singer at the party is a sure-shot way to make it a hit. 

Digital platforms have opened many solutions nearly every possible need. All professional singers are earning money by digitizing their music. Almost every professional Dj, singers are earning money by streaming their talents on YouTube, Smule, etc. Even you should go digital and start searching for portals that allow you to hire artists online. One can check their past events, reviews. snippets of their gigs and much more. Digital platforms are making our decision making easier by providing such information. Before organizing any event you can go through artists’ profile and decide for yourself.

Here is how JamJar app can help you in hiring a professional talent as per your requirement. You can find a list of artists, Dj or singer earning money through their platform and select the talent you wish to hire for your party. One can scroll through their playlist, music or jamming sessions they have posted.  These are the few reasons why we believe booking artists from this app gives you an edge.

Mad Skills: The Professional DJ’s knows how to rock the party with their tunes. They drop the beat just when needed to instill life in the party. Dub-step, trance, indie, pop, etc , name it and they know how to control it leaving everyone grooving to the beats. They have a hypnotic sense of music and can make any party talk of the town. Getting the Dj to play who has the right knowledge can actually pump up the audience and actually put a life in your boring party. A good beat can’t be built overnight unless you are a DJ with experience. 

Always ahead: By hiring a professional DJ, your party can instantly be a huge hit that people talk about for years! The professionals tend to set up their entire equipment at least 30 minutes before the party starts. DJ’s might prepare themselves and you can even go through their playlist to get a sense and feel of the party and ask him to tweak it a little.  Punctuality for any DJ is must, so when you are getting the DJ to play at your party ensure to give him a time which is at least 30 minutes ahead of your party time.

Professionalism: This is their job and it’s how singer earning money by private gigs to survive in the music industry. Music is a passion for many and the professionals have years of practice of maintaining the aura of the party. They won’t come up with last minute demands or any tantrums. Nobody likes to kill the vibe of the party due to the unprofessional behavior of the artist or end up fulfilling their demands. But, this is what gives professionals an edge over the overpriced or naive DJ’s. A professional has the vibe which keeps the audience hooked up to their beats.

Versatility: A DJ might end up playing his own creations that gives you a variety of music. If you are hosting a party and give console to a friend who’s playlist you crushed upon during jamming sessions in the car, you end up listening to a boring and the same type of music. Playing for years requires building up a huge collection of tracks to fit any scenario – not just your music junkie cousin’s favorite Bruno Mars songs ripped off YouTube. With professional DJ’s there is no white noise, no feedback, and no copyright talking over the top, as they have dealt with many parties even before.

More than just gigs: When you are getting the DJ to play at your party, they don’t just do it for a living but to follow their passion too. As they say” follow your passion and never work again in your life’- This doesn’t mean singer earning money earns a fortune  and they don’t need to work their arses off. It’s just that they stop treating your party as a job, but more of a platform to get popular and create a fan base that might be their next clients too. There’s no better feeling than seeing the dance floor full, playing tracks that will have everyone busting moves together. It’s their job to make everyone in the party to show their skills on the dance-floors. They are the experts that study the crowd and play accordingly to motivate everyone to dance.

Fulfilling Requests: All the professional DJ’s are registered with JamJar, where singers are earning money. You can book your favorite Dj from the app and get the party started. You can even place requests for DJ to play if you are someone from the crowd and place a tip for the DJ. This makes playing requests easier for the artist. Singer earning money from this app are more enthusiastic as they earn with every request they play. You, Dj, would surely end up playing request and spin a mix to it by blending it with a different soundtrack to make the party enjoyable and fun with a little fine-tuned beats especially for them. 

High-Quality Equipment:  A professional DJ is equipped with turntables, large amplifiers and speakers stack that provide good-quality loud music which your ordinary MP3 player may not be able to do so. He even has a more reliable choice of Software for the mixing or amplification of tunes. Any amateur artist might not have the ear of music that a professional has. 

There are many agencies and apps that help in the relocation of talents for your parties. Hiring a DJ for your party always reduces your worry about music at the party. We all know that the soul of any party is its music. DJ’s get the party started and with heir console and mix of tunes that they might have built over years of practice and light up any dull party. So just grab your phones and start searching for the right DJ that would be the star of your party. If you are lucky enough to fetch a DJ that is popular among masses your party will surely rock the town and make you the party king.


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