9 Ways To Earn More From Gigs

9 Ways To Earn More From Gigs
July 5, 2019 admin
Earn from gigs

Since the dawn of time, gigging is the most common method of earning money as a musician or artist. People love listening to music and musicians love playing it. It sounds like a match made in heaven. But in today’s era of online streaming making money out of gigs is very difficult.

No one is any more interested in buying albums or tickets to a gig unless you are a very big name. Everyone wants to earn extra money and there is no harm in it. But it is becoming harder to earn from gigs. There are many other ways one can earn apart from gigs. But, if you are so keen on doing gigs and want to know the different ways to earn from gigs itself than you got to learn different ways to break the monotony of performing just in clubs or some events. There are many artists who believe that only hitting gigs in clubs is a way to earn in their earlier stage but with this article, we want to clear that air. We would like to inform you that there are many other ways you can make living as an artist. Nowadays there are many “middle-class musicians” i.e musicians who still have to struggle if they live in a place where the cost of living is high and getting in a high-end club is still difficult for them.

The few ways are:

1. Earn from gigs by Sales of tickets

The best way to earn more from your gig is by selling tickets. You can put tickets on sale either offline or online. You can release a snippet from your previous gigs to keep the audience hooked and generate curiosity in them. All audience is interested in nowadays is the music or how entertaining an artist is. They will only buy your tickets if you show them a reason to invest in you. No one wants to invest in some artist who is not energetic or entertaining. You should always know your target audience to win their hearts. It’s pretty obvious that they are buying your ticket because they are interested in your genre so the artist should also perform accordingly. Sales of tickets can help you generate a lot of money.

2. Earn from gigs by selling Merchandise

People buy merchandise which is either of a very famous artist or is quirky and cool. Musicians are creative people so why to restrict your creativity by selling merchandising that is uncool or easily forgettable. There is no use of selling merchandise if our audience doesn’t feel like wearing it. People should not feel that merchandise is a freebie. You must invest in a good designer and products to represent your brand. Always make your audience aware of what they have to take home. You can announce that you or your team will be at the merchandise table and you would love to meet them there.

3. Earn from gigs by Marketing

It’s always good to communicate with your audience and the best way is through marketing. If you don’t market yourself, you start attracting more and more people leading to a major breakthrough in a big record label. The major job of record labels is to market the audience and they make it really big with it. Hence, we believe that everyone should market themselves. If you can do it by yourself then waiting for that major break becomes a short journey. Most of the artists are big name due to their social media marketing strategy. All you need to do is stay updated with trends and feed the audience with what they want. Go live, add check-ins and everything possible, just make your audience believe that they are connected with you and they are an important part of your life.

4. Earn from gigs by Private gigs

There is no harm in performing private gigs for your audience. If any of you fan wants you to perform at their private function you should always be up for it. Such gigs not just helps you to earn loyal fans but also a word of mouth and people start contacting you for more gigs. It can always be a side business.

5. Earn from gigs by Corporate Gigs

It’s a little known fact that major artists make huge bucks by just performing at private or corporate gigs. Most of the companies are always searching for some band, or artist that can perform at their events. They are one of the most loyal clients and getting these gigs are also quite easy. All you need to do is make your networking strong.

6. Earn from gigs by House Concerts

We all love to party and to make a mark everyone would want to invite a band or artist at their home. House concerts open your horizons by giving you many ways to earn. You can charge for selfies, sell tickets, accept tips and much more. If even one of your gigs makes it big then you start getting more offers.

7. Earn from gigs by Royalties

Live performance royalties are a little- known way to make considerable cash. When someone else performs your song they are supposed to inform this to PRO fraternity and you get paid every time someone else uses your composition. Sounds easy right? Pay the minimal license fees and then you can earn every time someone uses your composition.

8. Earn from gigs by Free meals and drinks

You can’t earn from this step but you can for sure a few bucks, and we all know how important saving is. The performing artist gets free drinks but you can ask for free meals also. If you are not bold enough to ask this you can at least ask for staff discount as for the performance night you are a staff member and should be treated the same way.

9. Earn from gigs by Sponsorships

Social media plays a vital role in this step. All you need to do is start tagging brands in your posts and you might land sponsorship from any main artist or the people you have been tagging. It’s always good to try something new and take a chance.


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