Tips to earn extra for artists and DJ’s

Tips to earn extra for artists and DJ’s
June 21, 2019 admin
Tips to earn extra for artists and DJ's

This is the era of music and musicians. This generation is all crazy for music not just for streaming but also taking up a career as musicians, artists, and DJ’s. Have you ever wondered about earning those extra bucks just like your celebrity icons? Once you are a household name people pay you for those selfies, meet and greet and for even playing their requests. Here we are to give you some tips to earn for artists and DJ’s. There are a thousand articles on the web giving musician artist tips on making it big in the industry. But how many of them are the proven ways to earn for artists and DJ’s?

We have curated some musician, artists tips on earning those extra bucks just like famous artists:

Connect with Fans: The best way to make it big is to connect with fans on regular ways either by vlogs or by blogs. showing up in your fans feeds helps them in recalling you. Word of mouth has always been considered the best to earn for artists and DJ’s.

DO NOT IGNORE STREAMING: Major labels are earning huge amounts per day just from streaming sites, so make sure you’re getting a piece of the action. JamJar app allows you to stream your music. Also, allowing musicians, artists tips for those extra earnings Earning while streaming your music got easier.

STOP WAITING FOR A RECORD LABEL: Why to wait for the record label when you can stream your music online and earn those extra bucks with it. With so many options of getting famous online one should explore every possibility to make their way. One doesn’t need labels to launch them, you can do it for yourself and that too free of cost.

MUSIC SALES: Gone are the days when masses used to buy vinyl, cassettes, CDs. This generation is about being online and so should be your music. Sell your music online, the best way to earn for artists and DJ’s. Go ahead and start selling your music as it may even provide musician, artists tips.

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DJ GIGS: Performers release an album, tour the world scoring six-figure deals. Sounds simple ehh? Well it’s not there goes a lot of hard work as it’s never too easy to make fresh music. As per a post by on 22nd January 2015, it costs this much to book famous DJs:

Calvin Harris: $350,000 – $550,000

David Guetta: $350,000

Tiësto: $350,000

Hardwell: $100,000 +

Martin Garrix: $100,000

It takes a lot to reach that place. However, you can start small to make it big. Increase your credibility, social media presence with JamJar app.

PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS: Everyone gives advice on working on your weakness but why not to focus on your strengths to make them even stronger. We all know our genre which can help us make it big. A regular gig slot puts your music in front of new people every week and earns you extra cash to fund your career. Make it happen with JamJar app.


Do you know? Calvin Harris charges up to $400,000 per gig at his Vegas residency! Residencies are for DJ’s where you perform at a specific venue on a contractual basis. Joining a club with charging money for meet and greet, selfies and other things is completely your choice. We suggest you join hands with such residencies and double up your earnings with every gig by downloading JamJar app.

JAMJAR APP: You must be wondering why we were talking about the JamJar app in this article so much. So for clearing the clouds, JamJar app is an app that helps to double up earn for artists and Dj’s. Also, fans give musician, artists tips for the simplest of tasks like playing a request with JamJar app.

Don’t believe us? Just download the app and enter the world of music and earn too with the help of your fans. Fans give musician, artists tips and make them famous.


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