6 Important DJ Apps To Download For Mobile

6 Important DJ Apps To Download For Mobile
August 23, 2019 admin
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So recently, one of my acquaintances discussed his love for Skrillex and how he wants to be like him one day. On being asked why came a very different reply which was not expected from a boy of his age. Youth today are more fascinated by the lifestyle of the DJ’s. Instagram stories of such DJ’s are all about parties, ladies and a luxurious lifestyle. Who would not like to have their drinks and foods on the house? Apparently everyone. Also, the attention it derives from the opposite sex is impeccable. We all would trade our 9 to 5 jobs for such job where we get paid to party and making the floor dance to our tunes.  But, Yes a very big BUT! his reply came as a shock.

He had been following top DJ’s and their struggle journey and was moved by their hard work and coming from a family with a musical background he had a great knowledge of tunes, mixing and consoles. He wants to make it big so that he could meet and work with his idol. He is not attracted to the charming and luxurious life of the celebs but the opportunity they have to experiment with their music and how people listen to them. All he wants is to be influential enough to help out lads like him. A successful journey from struggling DJ to the established one, leaving his footprints in the DJing world.

The biggest question is how a passionate person like him is not pursuing his dreams and working in the corporate industry. The financial status of his family is what he is worried about right now. Instead of completely quitting his dream he took help of the internet. Google knows everything as there are different sources from where one can learn and polish his skills. Also, there are apps that would help DJ, artists, and musicians financially through their unique idea of a digital tip jar. There is a rise in DJ apps download in recent years but many are yet not aware of such DJ apps for download. 

We are sharing the list of apps that my friend used as a struggling DJ. The apps we are about to discuss are from nearly every need from console to getting gigs and earning more through DJ apps for download for mobile. Yes! you can be a polish your skills and create a fan base by DJ apps download for mobile and much more. We are sharing this so that one can learn without spending a hefty amount on consoles or organizing gigs that are not as beneficial as you are still struggling DJ. 

Don’t fail to make the most of the advanced effects as well as various editing tools to add additional charm to your fabulous tracks.

JamJar – DJ App Download For Mobile 


JamJar- DJ app download for mobile

Not surprisingly, brilliant minds continue to think alike, but in this case, a company is implementing the idea. A digital tip jar for singers, bands and DJs. All you need to do is post your jamming sessions and you can earn from it. According to statistics, artists registered on this app earn 50% more than the artists who are not. A DJ can practice their sessions on it and earn by streaming their music online. Not many moons ago people used to tip artists by putting money in a tip jar or in their guitar. Taking this concept further, JamJar added technology to it and now you can accept tips digitally from fans. Wish you could earn with every beat you drop at the gig? Download Jamjar and accept tips from fans for playing their sound. 

Experience a musical world where you earn more than just gigs. Start getting noticed by various labels and fans. Organize meet and greet for fans, take selfies or groupfies or simply play their requests and much more. You can earn with nearly everything you do on this app and start earning 50-60% more than your counterparts. This app is what all struggling DJ’s must-have in their smartphones.

DJ Apps Download For Mobile – edjing mix


DJ apps download for mobile - edjing mix

With more than 20 DJ fx and features, ‘edjing mix’ turns your iPhone into a fantastic DJ setup letting you remix elegantly and smoothly. It comes with a great user interface and easy to use features. It claims to be the world’s no.1 Dj app that lets you mix all your music. Edjing Mix stretches the limits of mobile djing and now enables pro DJs to use edjing Mix as their main solution to perform. It simplifies the controls and integration of different sounds turning your phones into a professional console. It comes with all essential features like  Audio FX, Pitch-Bend, real scratching, manual Pitch, crossfader curve control, 3-band equalizer, auto and manual looping, hot cues, pre-cueing stereo, HD recording and much more. DJ’s can find all the tools they need to let their imagination run wild.

DJ Apps Download For Mobile – DJ mix Pads 2 Remix Version


DJ apps download for mobile - DJ mix Pads 2 Remix Version

DJ Mix Pads 2 – Remix Version is a music creator and a social musical community in one application. Even if you are starting your career as a DJ you can make and remix music without those professional special skills as it comes pre-equipped with different types of sounds and beats. Professional sound effects make it easier for beginners to understand how beats are remixed and fine-tuned to end up for the end result.  You can record your sounds with their MIC recording feature for custom sounds. They even provide an understandable tutorial for beginners. This a free DJ app download for mobile. It is compatible with iOS platforms like phones and tablets.

DJ Apps Download For Mobile – Cross DJ


DJ apps download for mobile - Cross DJ

Cross DJ finds the BPM of your tracks and syncs them. You can also adjust the beat grid for tracks with irregular BPM. The BPM algorithm of this app is really strong, making it easier to remix the existing tracks on your phone. Cross DJ provides full control on the key of your tracks with Key detection and Key matching. This app not just provides audio mixing but also video mixing, but the video mixer is available only for the desktop version. The interface may seem duplicitous, but this is quite a competent app that goes well that can deliver big time.

DJ Apps Download- DJ Player Professional

DJ apps download- DJ Player Professional

DJ Player Pro is the only full-stack DJ software in the world. All the other software have components that might have been developed or researched from the third party. But, DJ player pro doesn’t have any third-party parts. Every single component is researched, developed and fine-tuned by an in-house team. DJ Player Pro is the Formula 1 car for the DJ world. This app has the lowest latency to react as swiftly as possible. DJ Player Pro is tighter than Serato. DJ Player Pro is the most flexible DJ solution. Use it standalone, or in any combination of the touchscreen, external mixers, MIDI controllers, sound cards and vinyl (DVS). Even if you scratch, you can extend your scratching techniques with DVS FX, MIDI-mappable multi-deck control or fixed 4 beats rotation.

DJ Apps Download- djay Free

DJ Apps Download- djay Free

This DJ app is compatible with all main audio formats such as .wav, .aac, .mp3, and aiff that helps you in working with any format you want. You can use up to 25 tracks at once. This app has enough features to turn your iPad or iPhone into a DJ setup. This app is available for windows as well as iOS. This DJ app integrates with both your music library and Spotify, giving you instant access to millions of tracks. This app has won multiple apple design awards and is considered number 1 DJ apps for download for mobile. You can use it for android platforms too.

We would recommend DJ’s giving these apps a try as they are convenient to use and saves loads of bucks that you might spend on consoles. You can download them from play stores and convert your smartphones into your DJ consoles.


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