6 Ways to Make Money as a DJ

6 Ways to Make Money as a DJ
July 2, 2019 admin
6 Ways to Make Money as a DJ

Being a DJ is arguably one of the most enjoyable professions in existence. Could there be any other profession so exciting? Life of a DJ- music, people grooving on your tunes, groupies, fans, parties and what not to make your life amazing enough to make everyone envious of you. But! that’s not how it seems to be. Being a full-time DJ is really difficult and full of hardships. No matter the skillset, it isn’t that glamorous. There’s a striking lack of backstage parties, a notable absence of groupies, and most importantly, a significant lack of work available. So the most important question arises is How To Earn As a DJ? This is a very prominent question that arises mostly because of lack of knowledge and exposure. With this article, we have tried to share some knowledge with everyone who is planning to make a full-time career as a DJ.

Here we are dropping a few hints on how to earn as a DJ to make life a little simple.

1) Earn money as a DJ by GOING ONLINE

Firstly get necessary DJ equipment and software to mix, play music, and connect everything up. Work on learning or mastering your ability to spin cool songs, remix favorites, and make your own music. We all must accept the fact that without building online presence we cant promote ourselves effectively. So, the first step obviously is building your online presence by streaming your music and mixes online or going live on social media platforms. Social media sites give you the chance to promote yourself and what you offer all in a single place. You might even include clips or audio files. The approach might even give you an edge over your competition.

2) Earn money as a DJ by TEACHING OTHERS

Teaching someone what you got always give you an edge over others. Also, having benefits of its own. Not just you start recalling all you have learned but the youngsters or people who are planning to pursue this profession get lots of help. The cherry on the cake is that they pay you for this. This really helps to earn as a DJ. There are a lot of people who’d love to be a DJ. And they’re willing to pay to learn the skill.

3) Earn money as a DJ by PERFORMING IN WEDDINGS

The thought of working as a wedding DJ may not be all that appealing in your early days but, that doesn’t mean it’s not lucrative. In the starting of your career making money is a necessity, you may need to consider actually getting hired with a wedding entertainment company. Perhaps one of the easiest ways is to work as a wedding DJ or a birthday party DJ.

4) Earn money as a DJ by SELLING MERCHANDISE

You know what’s common among all top Dj’s they all got merchandise. Then why not you? Once you start getting following you can launch your own merchandise to earn extra as a DJ.  Anyone who wears your shirt is helping with your exposure, which is great for your business. Promote yourself as much as you can to get bigger. So, if you want to make even more cash, look into having a tour merchandise line


Start looking out for apps that help you earn from home. Digital tip jars are the tentatively becoming more popular with DJ’s as they help you earn extra apart from your gigs. There are many more opportunities that are growing with the technology that you may explore. There is a juggernaut of such apps that help you earn while you perform gigs. In earlier times Dj’s used to pass on a tip jar to get some extra bucks but with the growing industry of such apps, tips are getting digitalized too. SO, why not take benefits from them to earn as DJ.

6) Earn money as DJ by PERFORMING IN CLUBS

There are many cafes and clubs where they require fresh talents. It’s a great opportunity if you get to tie up with any club to have a permanent side job. Dj nights are quite famous and if you want to get your fan following big then you must ensure you interact with the audiences more. A huge element is to befriend with right people at such places. Your network should be of people who might provide you some helpful advice and get you at the right place at the right time. Also, you must realize that other DJ’s are not your enemies. They can help you in earning more gigs and money as well.

Letting your hair down and grooving to the beats sounds fun but you know what is more fun? Being the person behind that console and controlling that crowd with your music and making them groove to your beats. But is this enough, we believe no as this won’t help you to pay your bills. Networking with other DJs and promoters will help you get on a journey of being a famous DJ and earn by doing the simplest of things. You need to interact with the crowd, make eye contact, and build up a rapport. Diversify by going into club promotion or make extra money by hiring out equipment. You might want to check on your competition and see what others are doing. You don’t need to do something extravagant right from the beginning, of course. But, you don’t want to be using subpar equipment either, especially not if other DJs in your area are just getting started too. There are obviously many more ways to earn that you can learn once, you make your networking game strong.

We hope we were able to guide you a little bit and your wandering thoughts might have gained some path with this article. Download JamJar to explore more opportunities for earning as a DJ. This app is every DJ’s best friend. You can download it for IOS platforms.


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