JamJar App

How JamJar App Works To Directly Tip musicians

The DJs & artist create a following of fans who can use JamJar as a tip jar to transfer tips or patronage to the artists JamJar account and directly tip musicians. The fans only need to know the JamJar username of the artists & tips are transferred instantaneously and this is how they directly tip

The Vision

The current music industry is heavily dependent on middlemen like music labels, promoters, & organizers for judging & financially supporting the artists. However, JamJar App wants to give that ability directly the fans. This app allows you to pay the tip to Dj. Hence, Fans can now pay the tip to Dj without the involvement of middlemen.

Money App For Musicians

JamJar App is the smartphone music tip jar, where you can play requested songs for tips. You can now directly tip musicians and pay the tip to DJ’s without the involvement of middlemen. Get notified whenever your fav artist is performing. A digital tip jar to make life of musicians easier by helping them to earn a little extra. Download the music tip app and start streaming your fav artists and directly tip musicians via your smartphones.

The JamJar app Includes multiple features to create perfect connectivity between artists & the fans.

JamJar Talent Promotion

Artists can create a following on JamJar app like other Social Media Platforms. Large following for artists results in more gigs & tips.

JamJar Create & Earn

Artists upload creations on JamJar to display talent & receive tips, feedback & contributions to continue producing music.

JamJar Requests

A user can request a song during a live performance by offering a tip. The DJ or Artist can play the requested song to receive the promised tip.

JamJar App

JamJar Meet & Greet

Artists can set up meet & greet after the performances for the interested fans directly on the app, opening another channel for being rewarded.

JamJar Discovery

JamJar users can discover gigs & performances scheduled in the nearby area for discovering new talent.

JamJar Ladder

The top earners on JamJar will be showcased on the app as constant motivation for other artists & DJ’s to create more music.

Artists Love JamJar. Find Out Why?

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